Go Big Red!

One of my wishes when arrived in the USA was to experience a live football game, and today my wish has been fulfilled!

At 11 pm, the Huskers of Nebraska have played against the Cowboys of Wyoming at the Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. During football games, Lincoln becomes the third largest city in Nebraska. Surges of people fill the streets nearby the stadium before the game. Inside the stadium, I’ve had luck in seating very close the the grass, watching how Huskers ran more than 5 touchdowns! I have to admit that I was a semiliterate of american football rules, but I’ve catch up something!

The final score has been Huskers 52 – Wyoming 17. To me, the game has been highly equaled during its most time, but Huskers started to dominate late at the 3th quarter. Besides the sport, the event is really a show! I’ve had a lot of fun seeing how people never stop to support their team. How groups of cheer leaders encourage fans at each of the four corners, and the music band play lively songs with the support of the students. A nice blue sky accompanied also the game.

Of course, as a good Husker fan, I brought my red t-shirt; and as newbie american football supporter, both pepsi and hotdog have finished in my belly! Some pictures to share with all of you this great experience. GO BIG RED!


img_2583 img_2575 img_2572img_2577


Wake up by an earthquake


Yes, post’s title is right. This morning at 7.00 am I woke up without using my phone alarm as usual. Instead, it has been a small shaking caused by an earthquake.

I was sleeping when suddenly I felt that my bed hit the wall smoothly, and closet doors swayed. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), a 5.6 magnitude earthquake happened at 7:02 a.m, being located the epicentre near Oklahoma city. This is a record magnitude earthquake at the area, and has been felt from North Texas to Southern Dakota across the US Great Plains.


Several media report that the event likely happened due to injection at deep ground layers of wastewater from oil and natural gas production. This fact remind me the induced earthquakes happened at the southern Catalonia and northern Valencia coasts, in Spain, 3 years ago. The gas injection into a former oil caveat made by a marine platform located 30 km off coats provoked a serie of increased magnitude earthquakes, up to 4 magnitude, which were felt in several towns  (Sant Carles de la Ràpita, Alcanar, Vinarós, see next figure for additional information).