A perfect excuse to say hello!

Welcome to my personal blog!

It is a long time that I’ve been thinking in opening a blog to write all of my thoughts, feelings and adventures, among others. Now, and taking advantage of being at the doors of starting a new life’ phase, I think it is the best moment to do it!

When I said a new life’ phase I’m referring to my move to Lincoln, Nebraska (USA) where I will start a Postdoctoral  associate position at the Department of Life and Atmospheric Sciences of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. There, I will work with Prof Sheri Fritz, researcher in paleoclimatology, limnology and diatom ecology. During two years, we will study together with a multidisciplinary team, the biogeography of diatoms in Tropical South America.

I’m so excited to start my first postdoc position and continuing to grow as researcher, trying to learn as much as possible every day. I also hope post here all of my daily (or weekly) life in order to share with all of us. Enjoy!